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Interactive audio applications described as "Innovation at its finest" by Bootie Brown, Vocalist, The Pharcyde / Gorillaz


Design and implementation of novel game ideas with beautiful graphics


Virtual & Augmented Reality applications including 360 video streaming, gaming and 3D user interface design


Elagent and beautifully designed wordpress websites with e-commerce and custom 3D webGL components


Helping customers both define and realise patentable ideas. Providing cost estimation and design of POC/MVP.

Shade's Exile: Platform Game With In-App Music Album Purchase & Kid's Storybook Style Narrative

Shade’s Exile is a loving hark back to the days of gaming on the old Amiga. It includes a rich narrative told through an animated story book interface between levels, and an In-App Purchase interface that allows the soundtrack to be downloaded in a special player in the app. Shade’s Exile has many reviews, all of which are 5 stars:

5***** – “Pinball mechanism makes this game very interesting. One of the best game of this kind.”

5***** – “This is one of the best platform adventure game. Combination with pinball technique makes it different from others!.”

5***** – “Very slick! I love the storyline that’s been worked into this game. It would be cool to see more developers bringing positive messages into their offerings like in Shade’s Exile.”

5***** – “This game has cool monsters, characters and graphics. I recommend this game to all!!”

It has got great reviews so far from websites also, it has been described by howzurapp.com as “addictive and one of the best platform game[s] we’ve seen”, and TouchArchive describe it as “one of the most extraordinary games on the iOS platform”

If you are interested in releasing a platform game then the code for Shade’s Exile is available for use in order to streamline the production of a gaming release.

Interactive Music Applications

6 years of providing innovative musical experiences on the app stores and for musical clients. The video above shows a selection of experiences provided through the UK company Immersive Album for different artists with a focus on ‘The Who’. With a deep understanding of audio: apps have been provided that train musicians, allow music concerts to be viewed in VR with 360 video, allow for music creation and for bringing music to life in app-albums:

In it’s regular top 30 apps round up: UK newspaper ‘The Guardian’ reviewed one such app-album – Don’t be Scared LP – DJ Vadim has had a long and respected career making hip-hop, but he’s not resting on his laurels in 2013. This album-app is a collaboration with British startup Immersive Album, offering interactive music, lyrics, artwork and videos in a whizzy 3D interface

Music Ally – Don’t Be Scared LP – There’s been a lot of chatter about albums-as-apps, but relatively few interesting examples. This was one, from DJ Vadim

Bootie Brown, Vocalist, The Pharcyde / Gorillaz – ‘Innovation at its finest’

VR/AR/360 Interactive Video Applications

For over 3 years: Immersive Gaming have been producing VR/AR/360 Video POC and MVP applications.

The Head of Development at MelodyVR had this to say:

“proves his acumen as a developer time and time again – from inception to delivery, he creates rock solid software with no fuss and no management required; on spec and on time.  With detailed knowledge in a range of technologies – web, mobile, gaming, audio, back-end systems…and his speed to create elegant solutions, I highly recommend Alistair for projects big and small.”

More recently Immersive Gaming have released a highly experimental Virtual Reality Church application which at the time of writing is in the top 20 most recommended in the apps category of the Gear VR App Store and is rated higher that some of the most well know VR applications like Jaunt VR and Within / VRSE.

Although the most high profile work has been in VR, a number of applications in AR have also been done, including: bringing museum exhibits to life, AR shopping POCs, bringing music album covers to life, and informational systems.

Websites & 3D WebGL Components

Providing WordPress or Squarespace websites, including e-commerce and custom WebGL controls for interactive 3D content. Using the beautiful and convenient themes: Immersive-Gaming is able to provide elegant websites, coupled with immersive webGL controls to present 3D content in a way to wow your visitors with a website that is next generation.